How School Management Software Has Improved Education System

As we all know, India is a hub of education. India has an education history for thousands of years. The education methods in the past decades have been changed. But it has been transformed with the introduction of School ERP. With the rapidly increasing users of smartphones and the internet, schools are also adapting to […]

Steps To Choose ERP Software For School

A good school ERP manages all the operations and activity of a school right from the admission of the student to the generation of TC. It has taken the communication level between school, teachers, student, and parents to the next level by SMS and Mobile App notifications. There are many school ERPs in the market […]

Reasons Why School ERP Is Important

Every school is embracing new technologies to ease the work of its staff and teachers. School ERP has taken the communication process to the next level. Parents now prefer to send their children to the school that is using technology so that they can find any sort of information at any time. Because of many […]

Salient Features Of School ERP

School ERP automates all the operations and activities of a school such as admission, attendance, examination and much more. This is the reason behind the increasing demand for school management software. There are many school ERPs available in the market. But the point is to find the best one that matches all the needs of […]

Steps To Choose Best School Management Software

School management software automates every process of the school. It makes all the operations such as attendance, fee, and results smoother and easier to track. Conveying important messages and information to parents and teachers has become easier with school management software. It can be a nightmare for schools to find school management software that fulfills […]