Mistakes Schools Do While Implementing School ERP

School ERP is no doubt the best solution for day to day activities of a school. That’s why schools in large numbers are implementing it. But this needs proper planning at the time of execution. Some mistakes can turn this process into a nightmare. In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes during the implementation of School ERP.

Mistakes To Avoid While Implementing School ERP:

Proper Market Research: After finalizing the decision of School ERP by the decision making authorities, the first step is to search for the vendors. Well, this is the first and most important step as if you take a wrong decision here, then it might turn into a nightmare. Do proper research about the vendor and product before finalizing it. You can check the reviews and ratings on the internet while choosing the vendor.

Technical Team: After choosing the school ERP, the next step is to use it. If you do not have a resource to run it then your all efforts will go into the vein. Either you can hire a team of doing all the work like updating attendance, marks, uploading documents, etc. and Sending SMS and notification to parents. But this will lead to an increase in cost. The other way is to make a team of teachers or admin staff and train them. The teachers will collect the data and forward it to the ERP team for successful uploading and updating.

Not Educating Parents: Students and the parents are the end-users of School ERP. For their convenience, the school ERP is implemented in educational institutions, but if they do not know how to use it then it will be a waste of resources and time. So training must be provided to parents about how to use ERP so that they can have access to information like marks, attendance, PTM information, live location of transport, time table, exam, etc.

So with avoiding these mistakes, school management software will be a great success and will ease all the day to day activities of a school.

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