Top Advantages Of School ERP

Successful running of school requires careful planning and implementation as it has multiple processes and a large number of students. There is a large chunk of data like exam data, student details, time table, result data, timetable data and much more. A little mistake can put a question mark on the work of staff and the image of the school. Therefore, School ERP is a must for every educational institution in this world of technology as it simplifies the work and streamlines the process.

Benefits Of Installing School ERP:

Acts As Bridge Of Communication: This is the most important benefit of School ERP. It acts as a bridge of communication between students, teachers, and parents. Parents get notified of PTM, results and holidays by SMS. It also lets alumni of a school connect with each other and students. Earlier teachers and parents had to depend on diaries for communication. This was a solution for small class students. But for middle level and senior-level students, this was not feasible. So to overcome this drawback, School ERP comes into the picture. As it sends notification and updates to parents of all students irrespective of their classes.

Simplify Process: It has simplified all the process. The feature of advance notification lets the system notify in advance to parents, staff, and students. This reminder system notifies all the activities in advance like fee date, results notification, etc. Teachers can easily upload documents like marks, results, and attendance of the students.

 Easy Transportation Management: This feature has simplified transportation and made it easier for school and parents. The parents can see the live location of the bus. With the address of students, it automatically set the most convenient and easy routs for students and bus staff. Also, in case there is a change in bus routes, the parents get an SMS with the number of the bus.

These benefits are a must for the proper functioning of the school. Also with School Management  Software, the data of school is soft and secure.

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