How School ERP Streamline The Process Of Admission In Schools

Admission season for every school is the most crucial time in a year. It tells about the success of a school. Although the process of admission is very hectic as it involves a lot of processes. Tracking of everything is required as admission form number, conversions, fee records, section allotment, etc. The manual process not only takes too much time but also increases the chances of errors which can result in the mark of the reputation of the school.

How School ERP Solves All Challenges Of Admission:

Online Availability Of Forms And Prospectus: It automates the admission prospectus of a school. Not only has it made easy for the staff as they have to maintain the records like admission details and admission form number. But it has also made easier for the parents as they need not stand and waiting in queues for the admission forms. They can easily pay online and submit the form online. So School ERP makes the process convenient for all.

Maintaining Records Of Data: While distributing the form, the staff has to keep the records of students and prospectus like form number, details of students and parents like phone number, email id and address in sync with the admission for. A little mistake can cause a blunder. So, the data is stored correctly and stored on a server which also eliminates the possibility of loss of data. As manual data can be destroyed or stolen. It maintains the records of rejected students also. The records of accepted students and rejected students can be accessed with just click.

Data Storage: Right from the time of admission of a student, the school has to maintain several records of data of a student. This record includes name, section, class, email id, phone number of parents, blood group, birth certificate, transfer certificate, etc. School Management software saves the data in a manner that is secure and accessible.

The admission process is the process where students and school interact with each other for the first time. So School ERP creates a good impression in the minds of parents as it makes the process quick and hassle-free.

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