Steps To Choose Best School ERP

School ERP is being used by most of the schools and institutes around the world. Because of its quality to reduce the workload and automating the process of admission, fee, report card, exam, and homework. It has made easier for school, teachers and parents to access information and also it creates a strong bridge of communication between school and parents.

What Benefits Institute Gets From School ERP:

Organized Database Of Information: This is the primary benefit of installing School EPR in an institute. Every detail of a student like a name, class, roll number, marks, remarks, blood group, section, address, and contact details are stored in an organized manner. This information can be accessed with just a click of the mouse.

Online Fee Submission: Fee submission has now become no more pain for parents and school staff. With the feature of online fee submission, Parents need not stand in long queues for the fee submission of their children. Also, it has reduced the workload of admin staff as they need not generate fee slip. As soon as parents submit the fee of students via ERP, an automated fee receipt is generated and sent to the respective email id of the parents.

Attendance And Timetable: The attendance record of every student is stored safely in the records of school management software. It is being collected by the admin staff and then it is uploaded on the ERP. Also, in the case of the absence of students, SMS is being sent to the parents of all absentees. Students and parents can check the status of attendance any time and they can complain to the teacher if there is some mistake in attendance records. Timetable management of ERP gives details about the schedule of teachers and their subjects. It saves a lot of time and effort of admin staff as the timetable is being prepared automatically by the ERP.

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