How School ERP Has Improved The Result Generation Process

As we all know that School ERP has not only resulted in an improvement in the overall education of schools but also every department in it. So how we can forget the result generation process? The result is an important part of the education as it shows the performance of students. A minor mistake in the result of students can be dangerous. Earlier it was a manual process that not only took time and effort but also there were chances of errors. School ERP has overcome these problems.

Benefits Of School ERP For Result Generation Process:

Saves Time Of Teachers: The process of updating the result of students is time-consuming work. And in many schools exams are being conducted every quarter, thus results are to be updated 4 times a year. The process is sometimes very frustrating as teachers have to calculate marks and then convert them into grades. School ERP automatically converts the marks into grades thus saving a lot of time of teachers.

Easy To Edit: All manual process may need some changes. It’s easy to edit marks, grades and results in real time. Whereas the manual process requires erasing, cut from pen and then rewrite the marks and results. ¬†School ERP makes this process of changing faster and easier.

Less Possibility Of Errors: As we know that there are possibilities of errors in manual process. In-School ERP you just have to upload marks once and the grades of students are generated automatically. It is also safe and secure to save results. The results are saved in storage and can be accessed in a click of a mouse. It also saves the time of parents as they need not come to school for collecting the result of their children. School ERP sends the result to the parents via email. Also, the old results of students can be accessed in just a click.

School Management Software easily manages the results and stores the results on a single platform.

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