How School ERP Contributes To Safety Of Students

School ERP has become popular for the automation of every activity of the education system. But very few people know that it also ensures the security of the students. Sometimes and somewhere parents have concerns and fear about the safety and security of their children. So keeping this point in mind there are some modules in School ERP which are for the safety of students.

How School ERP ensure the security of Students:

Visitor Management: This module of School ERP takes the details of the parents and guardians of the students. It has every detail such as photo, name, and address of them. Whenever parents come to pick up students, confirmation is given by sending SMS to the number. Also, teachers and parents are notified every time a guest comes to meet students with the time and duration of the meeting.

Transport Module: This module is responsible for tracking the live location of School bus or cab in which student is commuting to school. Parents can see the location of the School bus in which students are traveling. It also shows the distance of the bus away from the home location of students. This module enables parents to notify in cases of accidents, breakdown, other emergencies or traffic jams.  Another important point is the monitoring of the real-time speed of the bus thus ensuring the safety of students. Thus it keeps parents relaxed for the security and safety of their children.

Better Communication With Parents: This is the primary reason for the installation of school ERP. It lets the school communicates with the parents by notifying them via SMS and emails. Every time a student is absent, parents are notified. Details of the holiday are also sent via SMS to the parents so that they would know whether the school is opened or closed on a particular day. Parents are also notified in case of any emergency in school.

With the help of these modules,  School Management Software ensures the safety of students and offers parents peace of mind about their children.

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