Who is benefited by School ERP

School ERP is software that automates every process and meets the requirements of a school. It manages every resource and activity of a school and uses all the resources in an efficient manner. Thus, school ERP makes school more efficient and effective.  ERP also ensure smoothly running of every process of the school and ensure modern and better teaching methodologies. So, every school needs it in this era of the internet and smartphones.

Who Receives Benefits By Installation Of School ERP:

Parents: It makes a strong communication bridge between parents and school. Parents are notified of every action of their child. SMS is being sent to them every time their child is absent from school. As well they can check discipline complaints, homework, grades, marks of the topper in class on School ERP. Strong communication between parents and school is required for the success of students. Transport module of School ERP allows parents to see the live location of the bus of their child. This ensures the maximum safety of the students.

Students: Yes, without students there is no meaning of school. So, the main beneficiary of School ERP is students. It creates a perfect learning environment for students. Also, it is easier for them to find assignments, projects, and homework. In case they miss the class, they can find the homework online on ERP. Students can clear doubts about any topic by discussing it with other students on the chats and forums.

Teachers And Staff: It makes teachers more efficient as it makes them focus on the studies of students. All the extra work like maintenance of attendance, updating marks, and grades are being done automatically by School ERP. Also, it takes care of fees and admission, thus saving a lot of time for the school staff. School Management Software allows online payment of fee thus generating fee receipts online. It also minimizes the possibilities of errors as compared with manual work.

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