Reasons Why School ERP Is Important

Every school is embracing new technologies to ease the work of its staff and teachers. School ERP has taken the communication process to the next level. Parents now prefer to send their children to the school that is using technology so that they can find any sort of information at any time. Because of many rich features, school management software has become a need for every school.

Importance Of School ERP For Every Educational Institution:

  • Manages Attendance: It allows parents, teachers, and students to access the attendance records at just one click. Notification of absentees is sent to their parents via SMS. This feature ensures the security of students as their parents are notified. With the help of school ERP, teachers can easily create a report of student attendance class-wise and students wise. Not only parents, but it also allows teachers to access information about their attendance.

  • Manages Homework: Gone are the days when the teacher used to update homework in the school diaries of students. Now with the help of School ERP, parents can easily access to the homework of their student with one click. Also, students can access every detail about their projects and assignments. It has made easier for the teacher as in one client the homework, projects, and assignment is uploaded.

  • Online Fee Management: In this busy world, parents find it difficult to go to school for submitting fee by standing in long queues. To overcome this situation, school ERP allows parents to pay the fee online by net banking or credit and debit cards or by mobile wallet. After the fee is submitted, an online receipt is generated and parents can check it to confirm anytime. Also, automated messages are being sent on the mobile of parents to notify them of the last date of fee submission. This helps them to save from late fee fine.

  • Manages School Buses: It allows parents to check the real-time location of their children. This saves students from missing their bus in the morning as they can check the live location of their bus.

All these features of a School Management Software make it a must-have resource for every school.

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