Must Have Characteristics Of School ERP

With the digitalization of every industry, education industry especially schools are also getting digitalized. That’s why every school irrespective of its size is opting for School ERP. It manages every activity of school such as class, attendance, exams, results, fee in an easy way. But selecting the right school ERP is a must. Going for school ERP that does not meet your requirements can frustrate you.

Points To Consider While Choosing School ERP:

  • Easy To Use Interface: Interface acts as a bridge between user and software. As we know that every parent and teacher is not tech-savvy, so it should be easy to use. The software should work in a smooth manner and every module can be easily used by parents and teachers. Its design must be simple and customizable. The benefit of customizable software is that you can add or remove any tab you want. Also, you can have a design that suits you as it can be modified as per your needs. Apart from this, you can change the name of the modules. By this, you can differentiate your system with other schools.

  • Easy Installation: Some times when you are installing school ERP, your existing system should not be disturbed. It should be easily integrated with your website without making any changes. A good vendor also provides free training for your teachers to make understand the functionality of every module. Also, there are chances that your students and teachers will increase. So the data load will also increase, in such case software must not hang and function properly.

  • After Sales Support: Yes, every school management needs support from the management once the ERP is installed in the school. As data is updated frequently such as attendance, date sheet, exam results, etc. If the software stops working for a few hours than these important activities can be delayed. So it is better to ask in advance how they will provide technical support such as site visit, remote support or telephonic support.

With all these features you can have a good school management software to manage all the activities.

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