Salient Features Of School ERP

School ERP automates all the operations and activities of a school such as admission, attendance, examination and much more. This is the reason behind the increasing demand for school management software. There are many school ERPs available in the market. But the point is to find the best one that matches all the needs of a school. Some features are there that usually a good school ERP have.

Salient features of School ERP:

  • Admission Module: Admission is the very first process for a student to get into a school. With school management software you can automate the whole process right from issuing the application form to the allotment of the section of a student. This process requires time and effort, but with school ERP it can be done in minutes. Also, this data can be accessed just with a click.

  • Fee Management Module: With this module, the fee of a student is updated on an auto basis. You can fetch the details of fee for any student of any quarter/month. It also allows parents to pay fee online.

  • Attendance Module: This module shows the attendance status of a student. Teachers, students, and parents can access the attendance details of a student. ┬áIt is very easy to manage and monitor the attendance of the student. Another important feature of this module is the parents get notifies via message/WhatsApp when a student is absent from the class. This feature is for the security purpose.

  • Examination And Result Management: Examination of a school requires a lot of efforts. Like date sheet, updating the marks, grades, results. Teachers, students, and parents can have access to all the information right from the exam schedule to the grades in just one click. It allows showing marks and grades subject wise. Also, one can compare the marks and grades with that of the topper. This module of school management software makes it convenient for parents to track and monitor the performance of their kids.

All these above-mentioned features are must to run all operations of a school smoothly. Another benefit of adapting school ERP is that it increases the efficiency of teachers and staff.

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